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Ball Juniper turning brown from inside

Hello to all,

I planted a Juniper ball topiary in May of this year. It has excelent sun light, received water. It is now October and I have noticed the balls are turning brown from the inside. I have not fertilized yet. Looking for advice. Is there any way to post a photo?

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instructions for posting photos here are in New to Helpful Gardener under Helpful Tips and Suggestions for New Members. Please read, there's other good stuff in there! :)

I don't know a lot about your juniper, but they are sensitive and a number of things can cause browning: under or overwatering (if the roots are staying soggy), spider mites, fungal diseases, improper pruning... I would start by inspecting it carefully. If you shake some of the browned branches over a piece of white paper, you will be able to see if there are spider mites, which are very tiny. Dig down in to the soil near the roots to see what condition it is in.

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