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Container planting a bird of paradise...Help!

I just recently separated a baby sucker bird of paradise from the main plant in my yard. It is quite tall about 4 ft tall with 5 fronds. I planted in a container with some miracle grow potting mix and want it for my patio. Because it is top heavy what should I use to keep it staked up until it starts to take root?? Thanks for any advice! :D

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Not sure what others do but I use the generic wood garden stakes for my container tomatoes.

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Don't know much about BoP but with their broad leaves and size like that, if it doesn't have much roots of its own, I wonder if the roots can support the amout of moisture loss through the leaves?

It seems to me you would need to keep it in high humidity condition (like a humidity tent when dealing with smaller plants) or trim the leaves off? -- I guess it depends on just how much root system it has vs. the size/number of leaves.

At the very least, I think it would be best to keep the container in a sheltered location like under trees or shrubbery with indirect/filtered sun.

Anyway, to support the plant, I think easiest would be to gather and bundle the leaves together, then cross tie (three-way or four-way) to stakes pushed into the container along the inner rim or into the ground surrounding the container.

If the leaf growth is wide-spread and not easily gathered, anther option would be to either make giant U-pins out of stiff wire to hold down the crown or to snake support strings through the center of the leaf stems.

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