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Need Tips on What Veggies to Plant & How to do It

Hi! This is my first time using a forum and my first year growing my own vegetable garden. We just built 6 ea 4'X8' raised beds that are 12" deep. I am really confused as to what vegetables to plant, whether I need to start from seed or buy a plant from a nursery, and what can be planted this time of year. Ideally, I want to use one bed for perennials, one for herbs, and the other four for annual veggies. I live in zone 6a. I do know that my crops need to be rotated, which is why I have 4 beds for annuals. If anyone has any suggestions or helpful info, please let me know. THANK YOU! :D

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This time of year you could plant just about anything its still early enough to get beans, okra, squash, and zucchini in the ground in many places. I am in Georgia. 7b 8a borderline. I would try some bush beans or pole beans. For the pole beans get two poles I use steel tpost from lowes or home depot hammer in the ground and run string criss crossed back and forth from post to post to allow the beans to trellis up and climb up on.
Tomatoes do well in raised beds because of the soil drainage and usually warms up a little faster that way. don't be shy give em a try. and good luck and let us know how you do.

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I am in my 3rd year of veggie gardening and I still don't know exactly what I want in my garden.
Every year I try new things--this year it is rainbow heirloom tomatoes and round zucchini.
I also am still experimenting on how much of things I need. More tomatoes and carrots--less spinach and squash.
I like to buy certain things from the nurseries already started--califlower, cabbage and flowers and start my own tomatoes, cukes and zucchini.
I think it must take years to decide what is really wanted and your tastes will change every year!! Good luck with everything

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I wouldn't be so quick to plant the herbs seperately fronm the veges. By all means have a bed for herbs only but they can be very beneficial to your veges so plant some with the veges as well.
Here is a link explaining in more detail
Also think of the basics. What do you like to eat? I know a number of people who have grown squashes and then give most of them away because they just don't eat that many. What are your favourites?

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