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Feel silly asking this

I've just thrown mulch down around my rose for the first time. Do I put the mulch in the water trough or around it?


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mulch serves a number of purposes

- keeps weeds down by blocking sunlight to the soil

- reduces water loss from the soil

- (eventually) decomposes to a tilth that incorporates into the soil

you didn't mention what kind of mulch, but for the most part water passes right through mulch and collects in the trough.

bottom line - mulch the whole surface - right up to the stem - but do pull it away from the stem/trunk slightly to avoid creating a super good insect habitat - where insects may then 'attack' the base of the plant 'un-noticed'

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I agree with everything that was mentioned above all I could say to add to it would be mix some slow release multi purpose fertiliser in with the mulch and if the ground is dry water the roses first as mulches can also keep moisture out!!

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