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help with bleading harts!!!!!!

Hi! my mom has a big bleading hart plant and it has been producing seeds for the past couple of years. I colected some and froze them and now I have tride to grow them but they wont grow. is there something else I should do to the seads to make them grow?


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I have never tried them from seed but some quick research indicates a clod moist stratification period.


Another option is division, this is how I acquired mine. They took a while to become established but are doing fine now. One of the sources I just saw suggests that they don't like to be disturbed. So perhaps you could work around the perimeter without disturbing the main portion.


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I got my bleeding hearts from my grandmother in the fall. We divided off a section from the edge of hers and planted them in the shade of some maple trees in my yard. They have bloomed every year starting that first spring. My granmothers do so well that she trims them to the ground after the first bloom and they bloom again mid summer.

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