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Dorm Room Orchid


I have been looking into growing an Orchid in my dorm room. I have very little experience in gardening and could use all the advise I can get.
I live in Ann Arbor, MI and my window has western exposure.

What kind of orchid would you recommend for a beginner?
Light during the winter might be a problem. Should I purchase a plant light? If so, what kind?

Do you suggest a different kind of flower?

Any tips are appreciated.

Thank you


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I would recommend a Phalaenopsis. I actually had one in my dorm a few years ago... although it died the following year when my dorm window faced North and I over watered it :(

The orchid I have now was in a West facing window for the past 2 years and was beautiful, blooming often. The only problem I had was that I burnt a leaf that was too close to the window. We moved this Summer and the orchid is now in an East facing window and starting a new stock with blooms so it seems to be doing well with that exposure. I think you'll be fine with your West window, just don't have the plant right beside the window in the direct light and heat.

Here's a link with some good tips for their general care
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