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Sick Tomato Plants?

Hi everybody. I made a tomato garden for my second time this year. I planted 80 plants. Overall it's gone pretty well, but they recently started turning black and wilting. At first I thought it was due to fall, but something is happening to the tomatoes, which I don't remember seeing in my previous garden.

You can see in the pictures, the stems and leaves are getting black patches. They are also wilting and falling off easily. There is a strange effect on the fruit, which also fall off extremely easily. They are sort of moldy and bruised. About half of the tomatoes on the vine for my plants are like this now, and it's not always the ones on the black stems.

This came about within 1 week. Does anyone know what this could be? I did some research, but couldn't find what it was. I did, however, read that I probably shouldn't plant my garden here for the next 5 years.

Healthy garden:

Sickly garden:

Black stems and fruits:

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Late Blight'

Rainbowgardener can fill in the detail.


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Late blight for sure. Remove the plants and DO NOT put them in the compost. Bag them and trash them or better yet burn them. Late blight is bad read the link DDF put up. The tell tale sign for future refeance is the blackening on the stems.

Clean up as much as you can Late Blight can persist in the garden for a long time. If possible rotate your crops.

Sorry to see this, there is nothing you can do now.



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