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Lilac's dried up at bloom time

I have 3 French Lilacs, Annabelle, Victor Lemoine and 1 other. Early this spring they were full of buds, but then the buds dried up and did not open and the leaves dried up also. the twig parts of the lilac still bend and appear green. These are about 4 years or so old. My Annabell bloomed beautiful last year for the first time. they are out in the open, not near buildings etc, flat land. I have a old fashioned white about 10 foot away, that bloomed this year with no problems and a primrose another 10 feet away, whose leaves look good, it is not old enough to bloom.

We did not get a late frost and that it what one would think looking at these 3 bushes.

any ideas on what this is or if I can save these?

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Sounds like bacterial liac blight has reared it's head; usually frost allows the wound for entry and the plant gets infected through that. Agri-Brom or some other antibacterial is the only good bet to eliminate it (actually knock it down to tolerable levels; it's impossible to get rid of entirely). Fortuneately it is not deadly, just disfiguring, so prune the burnt spots out (wiping pruners between cuts with alcohol)and allow plenty of circulation. New foliage should stay clean as long as there is no damage...


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