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Planting a new lawn in extreme heat

Hi. If you want to skip this story then just scroll down to the bottom where the actual questions are :).

In June I closed escrow on my house. It'd been abandoned for a year and was a real mess. The front yard, which is close to 5,000 square feet was covered in crabgrass and some other kinds of weeds that looked like green and red tentacles.

At the time it was 90-100+ fahrenheit so I did what I could. I killed the weeds and figured I'd wait out the heat before planting a new lawn. My yard looks like a dead moonscape but I don't control the weather.

Well, today I got a notice from the city saying that I had to do something about my front yard. I called and tried to explain that it would be next to impossible for any type of grass to grow in these temps. The 5 day forecast is 100-107 fahrenheit. They told me that that was too bad, that my front yard needed some kind of ground covering by October 12th. I asked if they could give me a 30 day extension so that I could plant in October. Again, no dice.

So what to do? I'm pretty sure that if I plant right now that nothing's going to grow except the crabgrass and octopus weeds. Is there any kind of grass seed that will germinate and grow in this weather? I'm willing to leave the water on all day. I hate the way my yard looks right now and they're threatening me with a $1000 fine. I'll do whatever it takes, I just don't know if there's anything I can do.

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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