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my aloe is sick

:o help please my aloe vera has all of a sudden become very sickly looking it has spots like rot on the leaves and is drooping really bad it stopped producing pup several months ago,I basically tend to it the same way I always have ,today I re potted it and placed a water bath under it sitting it on rocks so it don't sit in water,and replaced all the soil,I would add a photo but I am not sure how to do that have to re search this sight more to find out how[[/img]

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Instructions for posting pictures here can be found in New to Helpful Gardener? under Helpful Tips and Suggestions for New Members.

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Hi... :( my Aloe gets jushy when I water it too much and from reading about sitting on rockw with water under them I wondered if they were too wet and have contacted a bug to go with it. I know I have to remeber Aloe is a succulant and shoud be watered less that I have been as mine at one point was almost liquified...good luck

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