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do you always stake newly planted trees?

Hi all, I just planted a 3 ft holly tree in my yard and was wondering if I need to stake it. It came in a container with a decent size rootball. We have mostly hard clay soil, so I added in some organic matter and it seems pretty stable but we have had a lot of storms with high winds this summer and want to make sure it is protected. It is in our backyard near a fence but I don't think it has much wind protection. I read that sometimes staking a tree can actually cause more harm than good, so was hoping for your thoughts on this. Thanks!

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I do. There's a steady breeze of 5 to 6 mph where I live, and if a tree isn't staked when it's small, it will grow leaning away from the breeze. I imagine everyone has their own thoughts on the subject. I would definitely stake a holly tree.

I have one tree I intentionally did not stake, because I wanted it to lean. It adds some variety to the landscape. :)

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As the others have said it is really OK to stake young trees but not to leave the stakes in too long. Yours is only small at 3ft. If you follow the guidelines of the previous poster and remove it after a year (I generally leave them in a year) the trees are fine. It gives the support a tree needs throughout its first growing year until its roots strengthen. We planted two Mediterranean Cypress trees last fall and left the stakes in. We will take them out soon. It ensures that the trees grow in an upright position which is essential for a Mediterranean Cypress.

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I would not bother to stake a plant that small unless your soil was real loose or you had high winds with no protection. It would not be hard to do, but why bother, it's not needed.

On a side note, I usually lean all most of my trees when I plant them to get some interesting bend or motion in the trunk. This makes them look more natural if done correctly and accentuated with pruning.

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Are you confused now? If you want differing opinions ask a helpful gardener. :)

But, antequam incipias consulto et ubi consulueris.

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Yes I stake my trees. But then, I live in SW Ks. Nothing unheard of to have 30 mph winds for 3 days strait. However I saw a guy from Tulsa OK say he never stakes his. Said it made them stronger. But, he did live in an urban area and that makes a differance

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