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Help with yellow spots?!?!

Pretty new to lawn care. In Arizona and installed new sod 4 years ago (bermuda). Overseeded for the first time last winter with an annual rye. Had pretty good success. The bermuda afterwards was sluggish coming back but eventually started being full and green.
Around early-mid july I noticed some pathes of yellow. Not knowing much, I applied some insect spray. And since then, yard has gone downhill!
I have sprayed 3 times with insect spray from lowes. I thought at first it was those little white bugs jumping from leaf to leaf. Then I was told it is probably grubs underneath the soil.
I'm wondering if this is a disease, fungus, insect, etc. I really want to try to fix this and am desperate! However, I plan on over seeding in the next month and a half with the winter lawn.
Should I just leave it? Should I do something now!?!?
ANY help really would be appreciated![/code]

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I'm not a lawn person, can't help. But if you look around you, I think you will notice that most of your AZ neighbors don't actually have lawn. Not very practical in AZ, totally the wrong climate for it.

Consider giving up on all the effort and pouring water on to have a lawn like Easterners have (did you move to AZ?) and xeriscaping. You can have a beautiful yard with a lot less effort and water, if you grow things that are suited to your climate instead of mine.


Here's the article on xeriscaping that picture came from

If you just google xeriscaping images, you will get lots of ideas of how beautiful and practical it can be.

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