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growing herb seeds indoors in pots

We are having a problem growing herbs indoors. We get them to about 2 inches high and then they start to die. Could it be our water? We have well water in our house. I have tried about 4 different times to grow herbs and it just doesn't work in our house. They are basic herbs; basil, thyme, cilantro, parsley and chives. Nothing is working. Please help us.


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Probably not water, although too much of it can hinder seed growth. When I grew herb seeds, I got much better results by not growing them in pots. I started them off in shallow trays, on a bit of kitchen towel paper and in a dark place. I kept the kitchen towel wet. When they started growing more than a centimetre, then I planted them in pots.

That should help.

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I've started them in a big pot many times, just so I never had to move them. Herbs in general don't want to be mushy wet, and they like a lot of light - how much light does your windowsill get?

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