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Mint dying...


I bought a mint plant from one of those online stores about a month ago. It had 4 bare on the bottom stems that grew out of the plastic pot. I repotted the plant into a bigger pot. All looked well besides the bare bottom stems the plant grew longer and longer until all started to bend to one side. I figured the top parts were too heavy and took a chance on cutting them... :cry:

Now I have 1 small crooked stem growing out of the pot. I see that there are dry, small stubbles that I guess used to be the plant.

I heard that mint cannot be killed well I think I killed it...almost. Any way to revive it? I really don't want to loose it.


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It's hard to get the picture of what happened without seeing it. But when you say the bare stems got longer and longer so then you cut it back. Did that mean your plant had no leaves at that point? Leaves are what give energy to the plant, it's hard for it to survive with no leaves.

A healthy plant, especially mint, can come back from the roots, but yours clearly was not healthy any more.

Does it have any leaves now?

When you repotted, what kind of soil did you use? How were the roots looking at that point? Firm and white or black and mushy? Did it seem to be well rooted, have a good size root ball in comparison to the size of the plant?

To try to revive it, I would put it somewhere out of direct sun and keep it damp but not too wet and see what happens. Mints like more water than some plants, but nothing much likes to be waterlogged. Never leave a plant standing in a saucer of water. But don't let it dry to the point that the soil is pulling away from the pot. Have no idea of what happened to your plant, but I think the commonest cause of killing plants in newbies is over-watering. Everybody wants to try too hard and to be doing something for their plant all the time. Plants, especially tough hardy ones like mint, thrive on a certain amount of benign neglect.

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