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2012 Heirloom tomato seeds to trade

Here is my tomato seed list to trade. Most of them are indeterminate tomatoes.

Climbing Trip-L-Crop
Monkey Ass
San Francisco Fog
Park's Whopper
Costoloso Genovese
San Marzano
Big Red
Brandywine - Black, pink, Red
Chocolate Cherry
Brown Berry
German Head
German Pink
Tommy Toe
Violet Jasper
Mr. Brown
Nyagous - (black variety)
Purple Russia
Box Car Willie
Black Plum
Marizol Purple
Caspian Pink
Wisconsin 55
Mule Team
Super Beefsteak
Rosalie's Big Rosy
Gregori's Altai
Riesentraube - (cherry variety)
Virginia Sweets - red/yellow stripe
German Johnson - potato / regular leaf ( MY FAVORITE)
Bradley- ( Semi- determinate)
Black Zebra
Blue Fruit
Dr. Lyle
Aker's West Va.
Sainte Lucie
Southern Night - Black variety
Omar's Lebanese
Aussie - BIG RED variety
Giant Belgium - dark pink tomato - 2 to 5 lb.
Hungarian Italian
Marianna's Peace
Florida Pink
Cherokee Chocolate
Carbon - Black variety
Abe Lincoln
Sunset's Red horizon - BIG red tomato
Italian Heirloom
Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red
Black Ethiopian
Japanese Black Trifelle
Big Beef
Large Red
Black Krim
Red Rose
Paul Robeson - black variety
Cherokee Purple
Black from Tula
Prudens Purple
Purple Brandy
Russian Rose
Black Cherry
Rowdy Red
Mr. Underwood's Pink German Giant
Stump of the World
Dr. Neal
Believe it or Not
Chocolate Stripe
Italian Tree
God Love
Gardener's Delight - cherry variety
Moskovich - cherry variety
Old German
Porter's Pride
Large Pink Bulgarian
Brazilian Beauty - black variety
Watermelon Beefsteak
Mrs. Maxwell's Big Italian
Old Brooks
Eva's Purple Ball
Juliet - hybrid variety...VERY prolific
Oleana Ukrainian
Sandul Moldavan
Garden Leader Monster
Tidwell German
Pineapple Tomato
Italian Sweet
Shilling Giant
Russian 117
Big Raspberry
Arkansas Traveler
Missouri Pink Love Apple
Giant Syrian
June Pink
Cowlick Brandywine
Zapotec Pink Ribbed
Earl's Faux
Neves Azorean Red
Dinner Plate
Yellow Brandywine (Platfoot Strain)
German Queen
Marizol Red
Purple Calabash
Violaceum Krypni-Rozo
Farmer's Market Pink
Julia Child
Depp's Pink Firely
Hege German Pink
Orange Russian 117
Cleota Pink
Mammoth German Gold
Mrs. Benson
Purple Brandywine- (cross between Marizol Purple & Brandywine)
Black Mountain Pink
Fred Limbaugh's Potato Top
Amazon Chocolate
Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye
Haley's Purple Comet
Jersey Giant
Illinois Beauty
Nature's Riddle
Large Barred Boar
Shirley S
Vintage Wine
Gary O'Sena (black variety)
German Red Strawberry
Jerry's German Giant ( yellow with red streaks)
Ultimate Giant
Joe's Portuguese
Phil's Fantastic
St. Pierre
Anna Russian
Cindy's West Virginia
Thieneman's Australian Heart
Grandfather Ashlock
Tennessee Sweet
Illini Star
Mr. Brown
Marizol Red
Lilac Giant
Jade Pink Round
Purple Dog Creek
JD's Special C-Tex
Tim's Black Ruffles
Black Giant
Brad's Black Heart
Black Master
Dark Brandy
Frankenstein Black
Dark Rose
Black Russian
Abraca Zebra ( dark red/black)
Black Moor ( dark red/black large grape size) a.k.a. Black Mauri
Chocolate Wonder
Pink Elephant
Gypsy ( Black variety)
Black Mammoth
Pierce's Pride ( Black variety)
Midnight in Moscow ( Black variety)
Black Altai
Sara Black - a.k.a. Schwarze Sara
Grandma Mary's Polish
Indigo Rose - ( deep purple fruit)
Japanese Zero
Lyuda's Mom's Large Red Ukrainian
Vishenka Krasnaya - ( deep red cherry tomato)
West Virginia Straw
Black Cuban
Black Star
Ananas Noir - ( black variety)
Bloody Butcher - dark red tomato
Ferris Wheel
Raspberry Miracle - dark pink to purple tomato
Grandpa Charlie
Indian Stripe
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Nice list again this year my friend. Don't really need anything, but if you can you can send me some San Marzano.

I have your BW Sudduth it will be in the mail tommorow. Blane didn't send me a whole bunch so I put some of mine and some of his in. There is about 12 seeds in there, I hope that is enough.


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San Marzano

Yeah ! For sure I have lots of those seeds. Be glad to send you some. Make sure your return address is on the envelope you are sending me or feel free to email it to me. Thanks again for the BW Sudduth...are they really as good as people say they are??

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Hey Gardenboy, I have some Old Brooks out for Fall I got from you. I see you still have a choke a horse tomato list! What or Who is the source of your Cowlick BW? I am not that impressed with Suddaths but I really like a pretty agressive taste. I have some seeds of Suddath too if you need more. So, are you looking for anything in particular?

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great list!!! when I am done putting away my seed. yes there are a few of yours I would like to try.

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Tomato seed wanted-trade?

Hello I see you have some cultivars I have been looking for. I have been searching for some Zapotec pink pleated, berkley tie dye, white zebra and porkchop tomato seed. I'll list the seed I have available now in ten seed packets, then what I have in the fermentation tanks or ripening on the vines, then what I SHOULD have available next year on the growing schedule. I do a lot of hot peppers as well and can list those separately if you prefer.
Available now;
Red ponderosa
Andrew Raharts
Black Mauri
Black sea man
White Queen
Martino's roma
Cour De Bue
Lemon Oxheart
Silver fir tree
Gold currant
Red fig
Costoluto Genovese
Tim's black ruffles (black beefsteak)
super marmonde

Fermenting now or ripening on the vine;
green grape
Amish cherry rose
wapsipinicon peach
banana legs
Aunt Ruby's German green
Black zebra
Joyama D' Oaxica ( orange pink mottled )
White currant
Sweet pea currant
Striped cavern
Chocolate striped beefsteak
Caspian pink
Black from Tula
Japanese Black Trifele
variegata (unremarkable red round but beautiful plant)
beauty king
cosmanaut Volkov
amana orange

On the grow schedule for next year but no guarantee of availability;
Anna Russian
egg yolk
cream sausage
Flora Dade
Charbonnere du berry
Burgess lemon
Muchacha ( L. hirsutum)
German red strawberry
Northern Lights
Green Zebra
Grub's green mystery
Black plum
Matt's wild cherry
Black Russian
Black Prince
Black Krim
German pink tree
Eva purple ball
Juane flamee
greta white

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Tomato seed wanted

Forgot to mention, I'm not familiar with some of the seeds posted as available, but I am searching for unusual forms such as currant, hollow or heavily pleated and unusual colors like 'red target' tiger striped, mottled, blue, black, chocolate, white or less common species of edible tomato like the L. hirsutum, L. pimpinillifolium and L. peruvinaum :P

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heirloom tomato seeds

Are you still interested in trading heirloom tomato seeds? I have a few varieties that you did not list.

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