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Cucumber wilt ... bug infestation


My cucumber plant were looking good with a lot of flowers until 3 days ago . In a matter of 3 days all my plant were wilt and looking dead . It does not seem to be caused by cucumber beetle as I really did not see any . I broke off a stem and looked for bacterial wilt desease but could not find anything. the sap was clear and not white nor slimmy.

I had only one large healthy cucumber and then I had tiny cucumber from female flowers that started to develop but did not get any bigger than 1.5 inches...

What I noticed was underneath leaves were covered with yellow uneven dot , all the leaves were covered underneath , it did not really look like eggs are he shape was very uneven . I did see some bugs on the leaves , I had never seen bugs like this before . 3 legs on each side , they are black and long and kinda flat , with yellow dotted stripes on both sides of the body ( alongside) , THEY ARE NOT SPOTTED BEATTLE OR STRIPPED BEATLE actually I wish they were that would solve my problem and I would know why and how to prevent it next time , I can send you a picture of the bug if you want so you can see by yourself .

unfortunately I had to get rid of the plants this afternoon ... but I d like your thoughts on what could have caused it and hope to learn from this for my next crop.

thank you in advance !

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Don't send a picture, post it here. Instructions for posting pictures are under New to Helpful Gardener in Helpful Tips and Suggestions for New Members.

Did you check the base of the stem? There's a very bad pest called squash vine borer that burrows into the stem of squashes and relatives and kills them from the inside.

Cucumbers are less prone to them than zucchini, but not immune.

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