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How to fix Urine Damage to Shrubs?

OK ... I am clueless on plants, gardening, etc., and have scanned the forums for my problem but don't see anything to match. My son and his friends have evidently been urinating (yes urinating) in my shrubs. They were turning yellow and silly me thought, oh the frost must have done it. Then I thought, wait ... they lived in the snow all winter and it didn't hurt them. Then suddenly it dawned on me ... urine. So I asked and he confessed. So is it fixable (the shrubs not the kid)? If so what do I do? They're boxwoods I believe, or just some sort of holly. We're in KY. Soil is very much clay based. I see all kinds of stuff elsewhere on cat/dog urine, but evidently most people have kids that know not to do this so there aren't any postings on that. Does anyone know of a way to reverse the damage? Someone mentioned lime. Please don't laugh.

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:lol: :lol: :lol:

Welcome aboard. This reminds me of my Grandmother, she hated the Roses my Grandfather tried so hard to nurture. She deliberately tried to kill them in this way. I'm not sure if he ever found out.

I have never had to deal with this problem. The most obvious thing in my mind would be to flush the surrounding soil with plenty of fresh water. Whatever you have read concerning animal urine may be applicable.


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*types with a straight face*

Some of the damage may be due to the freeze, a lot of plants that looked fine all winter put out a lot of nice new growth only to have it bitten back horribly.

Urine isn't always a bad thing... it depends on how acidic your son's urine is. If he eats a lot of sweets or simple carbs that break into sugar, and acidic fruits like tomatoes and oranges, it might do some damage to the plants. But, like Gnome said... flush with water. I know your soil is very thick with clay so it will hold the water and could further damage your plants if you give them too much - but just water them a little more frequently than you usually do. Hopefully that helps.

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Thank you both for the advice. Sadly, I did not inherit my mom's green thumb, and had basically no idea what to do. I have noticed that the other boxwoods throughout our city are looking pretty rough. There's no way my son got to all of those, so I think the frost probably did do most of the damage. But the urine didn't help. It actually IS funny, but I will never admit that to my son :D

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Re: Urine and shrubs

How old is your son and Why does he pee in your gardens? :eek: (and his friends?)

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Re: Urine and shrubs

Did you notice that those posts were from 8 years ago? The "kid" is likely married with kids of his own by now.

How did you happen upon this eight year old thread? You must have done a search on something relevant?

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