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Weed infested lawn

Hi! So I just bought a home and the backyard lawn is totally weed infested. I have pulled out all the dandelions and thistle but there are weeds here I've never even seen before. I was wondering if there is a product that I can apply to kill off the weeds but leave the grass. To further complicate things it's been a really dry summer so the grass itself is brown(hoping its just gone dormant). Am hoping not to have to rent a rototiller! Was hoping for some suggestions.

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weed infested lawn

Hello Cammy60. Ken here in the Chicago area. Welcome to the Forum.
There are products out there but they're not organic. I have heard that
vinegar and water works on weeds but I think it only top kills. Does anyone
out there know if vinegar and water kills the root? The only true organic way
is to dig them out. If you must spray other than v and w, go to your local garden
center and ask for a lawn weed control product. It will kill the weeds but not the
grass. Make sure that you water the area for 2 or 3 days prior to spraying to allow
the fluids to start flowing in the weeds so the spray will translocate to the roots and
kill them. I hope this helps. Take care

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Cammy, when it comes to killing weeds dead and leaving grass I always use Trimec brand chemical, it is made by PB Gordon. They have a very diverse line and they have people that can help you over the phone or online. Just my two cents.

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Try Lime

Have you checked your soil pH? Sounds like your new yard was without care for a while... Most soil gets acidic over time, so depending on where you're located and how long your lawn has been sitting, it's possible that the soil got pretty acidic. Weeds love acidic soil. If you test your soil and find out you do have low soil pH, you will want to put some Fast Acting Lime on it.

Most limes take a long time, but if you get the fast acting kind, it should be much quicker. Plus if you get a high quality one, it will help green things up a little too...I like Encap's the best. Good luck!

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