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When to pick Serrano peppers?

First time growing Serrano peppers.

I have grown Cayenne in the past, which I always wait to turn red before I pick so they are at their hottest.

I have also grown Jalapenos, which I always pick BEFORE they turn red because I heard they were hottest when dark green.

So... which way is it with Serrano peppers? Are they hottest when green or when red?

Also, will they get the vertical stripes/striations like Jalapenos do?


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I grow them and I notice no heat difference between the green and red. I prefer to pick them red (ripe) because they taste fruity. Also they do not show those wrinkled spots you usually see in Jalapenos. My serranos only grow about 1.5 to 2 inches at the most.

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I pretty much grow them, and keep an eye on them. Sometimes the plant drops them on their own. Then I get those. They pretty much taper off at a size and I'll then pick as I need and keep them on the plant.

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My experience is that the red one's are juicier and about the same heat. The greens are fine once they show some corking.

I prefer the taste of the green's, but others disagree. The best bet is to pick a pick and share with family and friends with some good cheese! They'll decide which one's they like!!

Love them serannos!!!!!!!
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