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Lo-gro Sumac

Between my yard and the house behind, there is a 10 foot area the had out of control honeysuckle. We had the honeysuckle taken down by our builder and still spray roundup on shoots that emerge periodically. This is an area covered with mulch for the last 1.5 years. I am considering a ground cover for this area rather than have to mulch it again. There is lawn on either side (on the far side my neighbours lawn and mine on the other side) and this area is at the top of a slope. The area gets sun in the morning till 1.00 pm and then is in the shade mostly.

Lo-gro sumac was suggested for this area. Is this invasive and will it eventually invade the lawn on either side. How can the spread onto the lawn be controlled? Will it prevent erosion too? Any alternative suggestions are welcome.


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I'd like to first advise you not to use Round up, we have a thread on Round Up in the "what doesn't fit elsewhere" forum.

To be sure that you are rid of the honeysuckle, simpy get in there with a shovel and dig it out. It can be a bit labour intensive but, I find digging around in the soil be be therapeutic. And this way you can be sure that everything is gone.

You can then break up the honey suckle and place it in a compost pile that we turn into free fertilizer for the future.

I am concerned about all of this Round Up that you have placed into the soil because as you will learn from reading the thread that we have posted, the active ingredient in Round Up is very long lasting in the soil. However, now that it is there; you might as well use what you have and deal with the consequences later.

Another option if you want to be as safe as possible would be to contact your local municipal government and ask what the local hazardous wastes disposal protocals are. Particularly if you have small children around.

Though, I wouldn't be extra concerned about the toxins that are now in your soil insofaras your own health, just keep this in mind. You have critically altered the soil flora and fauna by using this product and that can be ammmended by using the techniques outlined throughout the forums and especially in the organic forum.

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