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delphinium seeds

I thought I'd have a go at growing delphiniums but haven't a clue.

My delphinium in the garden has finished flowering and has many seed pods.
I pulled one off and opened it and there were some small white seeds inside.

It is now early July, should I wait for the pods to open and then get the seeds or should I take the pods off, open them and sow the seeds or wait for the pods to open naturally ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Wait for the pod to open naturally. The white seeds you found are likely immature and not viable. If you are worried about losing seeds, you can put a little bag around the seed pod, but if you don't allow the seeds to ripen to full maturity, they will not work for you.

Once you have collected them, save them til fall. Then you can either plant them in the ground to over-winter and sprout in the spring or put them in moist potting soil and store in your frig, as per the cold stratification directions in this article:


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ok Roger, thanks for the reply

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