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my young plant is dieing

hi, I should start by saying I am very new to growing plants and gardening. Ive learned alot over the past year but I'm stuck.

I'm growing in one of my closets, I have about a 4 by 4 space, I have 3 cool white 40 watt cfls, with a homemade reflector. My tomato plant is about 3 weeks old, mabye longer. She already had spider mites which I fought with chemicals. It seemed to get rid of them but after I treated the plant it left these white spots on the plant, now as she grows she just seems unhealthy, right now the temp is 72 and humidity is 32% here are pictures of my set up and plants, please recommend anything you think will help thanks!

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I'm no expert but I would put it outside.

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I'm not sure why you say it is dying, though it is not entirely thriving.

But something is pretty odd. Did you start this plant from seed? Picture 5 the side view, doesn't show how the stems go into the ground, but it shows multiple stems very close down to the ground.

Usually tomato plants grow one main trunk. Either something happened when it was very young, such as breaking the main trunk causing it to branch out, or it is actually a whole bunch of plants. If you bought the pot as it is, the latter would be my guess. Vendors frequently fill pots up with a whole bunch of plants to give a full, bushy look.

If that is the case, it is why they aren't thriving-- overcrowded. Separate all the plants into their own pots (larger size) and they will do better.

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