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I'm New!

Hi Guys,

I'm new to the forum, and I am just about to start out with a little Bonsai adventure. So hello!!

I am interested in starting off my own seedlings and growing them from there, maybe some Hinoki Cypress or Japanese Red Maple. I am just really looking for some advice really!

The main advice I am looking for includes:

- What sort of depth pots should I start the trees off in, and how should I gradually increase the size of the pots?

- At what age / size should I start to prune and shape the tree, and also what age / size can I start to use wirng to control the growth?

I suppose you could say I do have "green fingers" but really just looking for some advice. If you have any books you could reccomend also, that would be great.

Thanks!! :D

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Start those trees in regular pots and downsize as you go; I know, opposite of everything you know, but root pruning is important to the development, almost as important as branch pruning. If I was working with an oak or othewr notoriously tap-rooted tree, then I might start it in a shallow pot, but otherwise it will restrict growth when we actually want it...

As for styling, pinching buds and selecting branches can happen early, wiring needs to wait for a few years. Also think about leaving lower branches that you'll cut off later; "Sacrificial" branches can fatten up trunks before you cut them off...


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