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I have planted 2 dwarf apple trees. They will be 4 years "old" this year! Last year I noticed 2 problems---but, I could not find ANY simple advice on these 2 problems. I want to "cure them" simply and organically. One problem was a "white, fuzzy substance" and another was "black spots" on the leaves. They have not "borne fruit" as of yet.... I am not a "farmer" and I have no experience---other than EVERYTHING I plant is "organic" and I do not use "pestisides". Please help me,before it happens again, this year. I bought a bottle of "Sulfar Guard" but, I have never opened it. So far, I have done nothing to these trees---except, planted them as "sticks" about 4 years ago. PLEASE help me---but keep things SIMPLE!!

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The fuzzy white stuff is the reproctive phase of some sort of fungus; spray the tree with an aerated compost tea to fix that problem.

The black spots are probably powdery mildew. mix milk and water in a 2:1 ratio and spray the tree with this mixture. The milk may also assist with the (I'm thinking Conidia) of the other fungus.

Question: Did the "fuzzy white stuff" arise before the black spot? If so, it's probably the same fungus.

But still use both the compost tea and the milk. Best to cover your bases.

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Try to obtain a copy of Michael Phillips' book The Apple Grower: A Guide for the Organic Orchardist. This is the only widely available reference on organic apple growing and since Michael is in New Hampshire he is very familiar with the issues of apple trees in New York and New England.

Apples, like many plants in the rose family, are subject to a wide range of pest and diseases. I can't diagnose your apple problems without seeing them. I suggest you take leaf samples to your local county extension agent for a diagnosis and suggestions. The black spots you describe might be the fungus Venturi inaequalis or Apple Scab which is one of the most common apple diseases in the northeastern U.S.

I strongly recommend the disease resistant apple cultivars like 'GoldRush' or 'Liberty' (for people in zones 4,5, & 6 in the east and central U.S.) to people trying to grow apples organically.

Good luck!

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..more details about the apple trees please..

..if they're "ballerina" grafts, then you're gonna have your work cut out..

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