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what is causing this to my tomatos

This is happening to 80% of my plants. Any idea to what is causing it and how to stop it

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Looks like blossom end rot (BER), though this tomato doesn't look like too bad a case of it. At least it lasted long enough to ripen!

There's a sticky at the top of this forum on BER - lots of useful info in it.

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If the spots on your tomatoes are all located on the bottom of your tomatoes, I would agree with mattie that you have BER. If your bad spots are located on the sides, tops, and bottom, you may have sun scald on your tomatoes. Sometimes scalding appears when extensive pruning is done and the tomatoes are exposed to direct sunlight. Scalding can also happen with peppers, squash, as well as other fruits.

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Tomatoes can get sun scalded, but the scalded area would be pale, white or tan with the skin thinned and crisp:


dark rotten mushy spots are BER.

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