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Raspberries in Vietnam

Hey all! I live in Hanoi, Vietnam, where raspberries simply do not exist, except in expensive, frozen imported form. I was recently home (Vancouver, Canada) on a visit and got a few raspberry plants from my grandma, which I brought back here to try to grow. I'm pretty sure they're just summer-producing ones. Unfortunately they're just in pots (I have nowhere else) on my balcony, and they aren't doing well. For the first few days it was very very hot and while the air feels humid to me, they were drying out quickly. I had them on the ledge of my balcony, which gets an hour or two of direct sunlight each day, and I was watering them regularly, but they weren't looking good so I took them out of the direct sun, thinking maybe it was just too hot for them. Then the rains came and it cooled down some and the morning after the first big rain they looked like they'd perked up a fair bit, but it didn't last. Now it's been raining a lot so they're getting plenty of water (maybe too much?) they're not in any direct sun, and they look wilted and almost dead. I know these aren't ideal conditions for raspberries, but does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can keep them alive?

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