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Please help with my container tomatoes!

Hello! I need an advice in regards to my tomatoes. I live in 8B-so plenty of sun every day ( at least 6 hrs) and not hot outside. About a week and a half ago I noticed leaf curling at the bottom, now bottom leaves become yellow. Curling went up the stem. I already have tomatoes on the vines and plenty of flowers. No signs of disease on leaves:( Please help


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Leaf rolling is a fairly common reaction to stress, heat, cold, any number of things. The yellowing may just be the natural result of the plant directing its energy to fruit setting, or it may be a leaf fungus such as Early Blight which is common and usually progresses upward. You may wish to remove the yellowing leaves and spray with a fungicide.

Also, your containers look a bit on the small side which may also be stressing the plants. How large are the containers, what have you been using for plant food, and what tomatoes are you growing?

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