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Tomato plants look withered, leaves brown on tip

My tomato plants grew fine at first, except for a few yellow leaves on a bottom stem. Now the leaves on the bottom half of the plant look withered and the leaves are turning brown on the ends. We had an early summer, still with lots of rain. The plants have normal looking green tomatoes. Any ideas why the plants are withering and turning brown? I don't use compost or anything but DID spray with deet AFTER noticing changes. The tops of the plants are still normal so far and stems are thick and green. I'd appreciate any advice.

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Are they in a container or in the ground? If in a container how big? How many hours of sun does it get and besides all the rain you have been getting do you water on top of that? If so, how often and about how much? Did you check for any Hornworms? They are hard to spot so look good. They can cause damage to your tomatos like you are describing. It can be alot of other stuff also... Get back to me and we can continue this conversation :D
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