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Homemade insect and fungus spray killing plants

I looked up a recipe for a safe fungicide and insecticide. I found a recipe for a spray that claimed to be safe to use on vegetable plants(excluding tomato).

I used the second recipe on all of my plants except tomato. I sprayed during the early evening and it rained about 4 hours later. It continued to rain until I got home from work the next day. All of my plants have turned black or very dark and saturated. They look the way weeds do a day after spraying weed killer on them. Are my plants going to die? What can I do?

any info or advice would be appreciated.

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By the second recipe, do you mean the baking soda one? That should have been ok. I'd worry about the other two. Listerine has alcohol in it and Lemon Joy has detergent in it and both of those can be very hard on your plants.

In general, it's never a good idea to spray your whole garden with anything other than pure water without testing it on a couple plants first.

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