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Is this a hosta?

Hello. I just moved into my first home recently. The previous owner took very good care of the yard and flower beds. I would like to continue this tradition, but I know nothing.

I went outside yesterday and this bush(?) was looking like this. I have been out of town for a week on my honey moon, and I don't know if something is eating it, or if it needs water.

I guess step 1 is to find out what is this thing?

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You are right it is a hosta, a perennial, but not a woody shrub/ bush. The damage is most likely caused by slugs/ snails which love hostas.
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Dish of beer works great for "collecting" slugs. Deer are also heck on hosta. We've a giant blue patch (usually blooms to 6' across or more, about 24-30" high). Unfortunately, the resident doe discovered it last summer and it hasn't been more than stubs since.

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I would seperate the plant and make several plant areas for next year since they are over populated in that area!. A little epson salts scattered around will get rid of the slugs and make the new leaves nicer in color!
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