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Please Help! Why are my tomato leaves turning yellow.

I am trying my garden in a new spot this year. I tilled the soil and mixed in 2 wheelbarrows of chicken manure to the garden which is about 30x20. I transplanted everything on memorial day weekend and watered the soil during transplanting. Since then we have received a leaset rain every other day up to this past Saturday. This morning I noticed the tomato's and peppers were looking slightly yellow and I've never seen this before please help!



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The excess rain and the photo would indicate Leaf Septoria Spot or perhaps a leaf mold. Septoria Spot needs a fungicide application or the leaves will begin to drop off. Wet leaves and splashing soil on the plant is the cause.

The yellowing could also be a result of excess rain. Your plants need less water and a little more nitrogen uptake which will happen when it quits raining. You could send some this way. We are now in a drought.
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