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Raised Garden Question

Hi all,

I have a question about a raised garden. I'm trying to extend the garden we have now for my wife. It was a sandbox we emptied and filled with garden soil. It's doing well. The bottom of it, I noticed when emptying it, is covered over. We left it that way and the plants seem to be doing well. When extending it though, I'm curious, should I put something to cover the bottom to keep grass/weeds from growing up, or should I just tear off the grass layer and let it connect right into the ground? I'm not sure what is best and if letting the regular ground sit beneath the garden soil will cause weed/grass problems.


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I recommend you leave the bottom open. I wouldn't strip the grass, but cut it short / scalp and cover it with card board. The cardboard will be gone in about a year. I also recommend your box to be 12" deep or more.

A warm welcome


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I built 2 raised vegetable gardens.

To one of them, I added cardboard underneath and weed block cloth around the edge... The other one I did nothing!

There is absolutely no difference!

Both have grassy weeds coming up around the edges.
Nothing out of control though.

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Definitely, leave the bottom open so the roots can go as deep as they need to. Carrots can have roots as deep as 5 feet or more.

I used many layers of newspaper in my 6 beds and none of them have grass coming through after 14 months. The roots will grow through the cardboard or newspaper just fine. Cut the grass really short - it will be fine.

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thanks for the advice!

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firefighter wrote:thanks for the advice!
By your choice of screen names, should I assume you are a firefighter in your town???

Just curious since I am a retired Fire Captain with over 20 years of service before being put out to pasture.

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