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Mussy baby Squash on the vine

Ive got 12 yellow squash plants and have had for the last couple days
baby little squash's that have gone to mush. Any help full comments would be very appreciated.

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Could be a pollination issue.

The female flowers come with baby squash already behind them. If the flower is not pollinated, the baby squash grow for a little while and then just shrivel up and die.

So you need to check to be sure you have both male and female flowers present (the male flowers do not have the baby squash behind them) and if so are you seeing bees or other pollinators going to them. If you have male and female flowers but no bees, you can hand pollinate.
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you can hand pollinate
Isn't that pinching off a male, and then rubbing it in the female flower? Could you use more than one male, to make sure?

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