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paving colours

Wow I cant believe I have found this forum. How ace!

It just so happens I am creating my very own japanse garden, I have a samall square garden fenced in (I am going to upload some pictures later)

I will be having white and grey gravel stones with paving paths.

I am stuck on the kind of paving or colours of paving to choose that will go with the light coloured stones. Can anyone point me to any colour or style ideas.


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Hi Rich,

Welcome to The Helpful Gardener. I'm glad you found us too. :) I'd love to see some pics. I would think about taking colors from your house colors or any themed plants. If you have several red or purple leaved plants then I'd think about bluestone or something with blues or purples. If your house is in browns I'd lean towards those colors.


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I would choose stones in "natural" colours - i.e., no "painted" stones. And I agree with Newt - pick colours that either match the plant you wish to highlight in your garden or the colour of your house - that way they won't stand out like a sore thumb.

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Coloured stones YUCK 8)
ONLY use natural colours as any coloured stones or gravel will just jar, a Japanese garden is supposed to be relaxing so get everything to blend in gently.

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