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chinese juniper

I have a three year old chinese juniper. I havn't repotted it. I was watering it once or twice a day and leaving it inside. It started having white stuff on its bark. I was worried about root rot so I moved it outside and started watering it every other day. It still has the white stuff on its roots. What should I do about the white stuff? How often should I water it? I live in central texas.

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White stuff sounds like nothing more than calcium buildup. Frankly, three years later, I'm amazed it's still alive. Or did you purchase it recently as a three year old tree? Outside is the best place for it. Indoors, virtually all junipers eventually die. As far as watering goes, you should only water once the soil is mostly dry, not on schedule.

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I hope that the main point - that junipers will not survive indoors - was taken seriously. The "white stuff" might also be a form of mold caused from over watering, poorly draining soil and indoor living (poor lighting, poor air circulation, 'unnatural' air-conditioning, constant temperatures with no overnight variations, lack of winter dormancy, etc.

As a truly hardy outdoor tree this juniper may have been suffering a slow death indoors. Hope it is not too late.

Please let us know with an update.

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I am surprised its still alive as well but I agree its most likely calcium build up

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