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need help identifying and saving my bonsai


I'm a beginner to bonsai trees, and I could use some help from an expert in the field. I received this tree several months ago as a gift. I keep it at work and it has done very well until recently when I went away on vacation. My designated 'waterer' forgot for a few days, and it went unwatered for about 4 days. When i got back, it looked like this. Is it dead? Can it be saved? Also, can you please tell me what type of plant this is? It didn't come with any info so I'm not sure.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.....



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It looks like you have a topiary not a bonsai. My mom has a few of them and she han't had much luck. I cant tell what kind of plant but it looks like some kind of herb?

You could try posting in the other gardening sections maybe someone there could give you more help then we can.


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Re: need help identifying and saving my bonsai

jmerk wrote: Is it dead? Can it be saved? Also, can you please tell me what type of plant this is?


It does look pretty wilted :(.

I don't have a guess as to the species as it is difficult to tell due to the wilting and the view of the foliage.

Hopefully it is tough enough to bounce back from its drought, Test it to see if their is life within like this:

In an unobtrusive spot scratch the bark down to the cambium layer, You should see a layer of pale green color if it is alive. [..And hope springs...;) ]

Any other color [IE: Tan, Brown etc...] Tells you this is an ex-tree.

Any chance of stopping by the vendor where they got it to see if they have others? [With which you could possibly have someone else identify the species for you. :idea: ]

Good luck,


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