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Help with potted Magnolia and Camillia Trees

I have two smallish potted Magnolias on my balcony and I pruned them both a few months ago. Only one has lost it's way - it's leaves are all dying and dropping off and the other is as strong as can be!! What should I do?

Plus I have a smallish potted Camillia on my balcony that used to be fine but I had to repot it recently and now all the leaves are brown and dropping off. Again what should I do?

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Container gardening was a quite reasonable place to put this question, but since it didn't get a response, you might want to try posting it again under Trees and Shrubs.

When you post it, give a little more information, starting with your location. (I assume southern, I can't help you because I don't grow either of those trees. We do have magnolias here, but camellias aren't hardy here.)

Also what direction does your balcony face and what kind of sun exposure do your trees get.

Hope we can find someone to help you!
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