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encourage Calyptocarpus vialis(straggler daisy) to take over

I live in Fort Worth, TX (zone 7b) and am faced with a bit of a yard dilemma- I rent and want a nice yard without having to water non-stop in a major drought. The property managers have turned down my original idea to mulch the yard and put in flower beds like some of my neighbors have done.
My next idea was to simply encourage the take over of the grass/weeds by Calyptocarpus vialis / straggler daisy / horse herb. This lovely little groundcover has already taken over the shaded portion of my backyard and I can see it slowly moving over into the full sun side. Is there a way to speed up this process? If the space is ~400sq ft, how long should it take?

Also, I'd like to do the same to my front yard. I was thinking that I could dig up a few 'bits' of the straggler daisy and plant them throughout the grassy areas. If I water them and not the grass, will that encourage their growth over the grass and weeds?

Thanks in advance for the tips/advice.

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