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what to do when aloe vera plant gets sunburnt

I inherited an aloe vera plant with 3 babies. I transplanted one of them. I moved them outside and they must have gotten too much sun because they are browning on some leaves and the leaves are alot softer. I was wondering if I should cut off the severely damaged leaves or if they'll get better. I have them inside again until I figure out how to make them better. So any info on what helps sunburn would be greatly appreciated!

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I would say that it depends on how sunburned your aloe got. I've accidentally done this to mine and I've just brought it back into partial shade, or inside where it had been before and cared for it normally. Over the years, it has come back just fine.

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I don't give my Aloes direct sun because of this. I've burnt them bad many times by putting them out in full sun. My Aloes seem to thrive in bright light through the window, but not direct sun. I've found outside direct sun to be too much for aloes.

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