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New guy here, and I'm about to do my first garden!

Hello, my name is Doug. I'm 21 years old and after a lot of soul searching I have decided to go to school to study Biology. I have a lot of love for plants but not much experiecne.

So when my father annoucned he wasn't going to do his annual garden this year I decided to step up to the plate and do it myself.

I will be visiting this site a lot to get some advice and just get gardening lingo down. So I just figured I would introduce myself.

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Hello Doug! I believe you will find gardening to be a lot of hard work, but a very rewarding and enjoyable type of work. I have found all sorts of excellent advice throughout these boards on just about every aspect of gardening, so if you were to have any questions, I am sure they would be answered by some fairly knowledgable people. Good luck with your efforts!

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Sounds like you have the perfect opportunity to do something with your father that many folks would envy or hate....

You can be the muscle and he can be the brains. Sounds good!

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Hi Doug,

Welcome to The Helpful Gardener. I hope you enjoy gardening and find it fulfilling. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Hopefully your dad will join you as much as he can.


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