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I have several coneflower plants planted beside my koi pond. Lately, a portion of the plant will wilt and die. I pulled up the wilted part and it almost looks like the roots have rotted. We have gotten a good bit of rain lately and the plants most affected are at the bottom of a slope. So far the plants at the top look pretty good. Could they be to wet or could something be eating them? I love these flowers and hope someone has had this problem and can give me some advice on what to do.

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Coneflowers like well-drained soil. I suggest replanting them at the top of the slope. Make sure to do early morning or late afternoon, so they don't get sun shocked. I believe they probably are getting too much water, hints the bottom of a slope and rotted looking roots. That doesn't mean they don't like water, ha, they just don't like to bathe in it. Look for wild flowers in your area to plant near a pond at bottom of your slope, they love areas like that because it's their natural environment.

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