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What kind of plants are these?

Hello everyone,
I was doing the garden work around the house and found these plants. Could you please tell me what are the name of the plants ?
Greatly appreciated :D

Plant 1

Plant 2

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the first one is either poison ivy or boxelder. hard to tell in that pic.

not going to hazard a guess on the second.

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Box Elder IMO from pic. BE leaves are opposite and PI leaves are alternate. Also BE tend toward a more uniform green and PI is tinged with a bit of pink/red where the leaves meet the stem and also on the new leaves as a whole. BE can also have between 3-7 leaflets while PI has only 3. Either on should be removed, at any rate.

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The first is box elder. Poison Ivy does not have the deep veined leaves.

No idea on the second

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