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Question on planting cucumbers with garlic

I have a nice size garden I started this year. I have a huge patch of garlic I planted last fall and is already pretty high. I was wonder if its ok to plant the cucumbers in between the garlic rows? I know how cucumbers love to vine and travel. My first thought was that its a good idea to save space, but then I thought it just might be too much clutter for the garlic. thanks

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cucumbers & garlic together

You might want to try a non-vining cucumber. I planted bush cucumbers this year, so i could put more in the garden w/o having to worry about the vining.

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I suppose your garlic would be about done by the time the cukes got any size to them. I would worry more about damaging the cucumber roots if you dig garlic before they are done. If you just pull the garlic, it probably won't be any problem.
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