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Natural pond taking over my garden! please help!!:(

Hi, Can anyone help me? I have a natural pond in my garden which is threating to take over! everytime we have a little rain, we cannot find the source of the water but when we have pumped all the water out we can see that it is running from my neighbours property, we have spoke to him and he doesn't know where it's coming from as he has concreted above where we can see it coming through! We are desperate to fill the pond in as it is over half of our garden now and the decking structure we had built over the pond so we could use the garden is now rotting and will need replacing ,as it cost nearly £3500 last time we don't want to spend this again! Any suggestions on how to fill this in without causing any disruption to any of our neighbours property? The water table in our area is quite high and we do have a stream which runs at the bottom of our garden which is slightly higher than our garden! Please help!! :( :(

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Sounds like you need some drainage! Can't you dig a channel from the pond to your stream? I'm not quite understanding the picture of the stream being at the "bottom" of the garden, but higher. But if the stream is higher than the garden, then you need somewhere else to drain the pond to, like a nearby storm drain.

But it sounds like you need some kind of water engineer who could look over the site with you and make suggestions for managing all this water. It's hard for anyone to make good suggestions that's not seeing the whole lay of the land.
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Perhaps googling "French drain" will help.

I know that the UK has been getting a LOT of wet weather so a problem like this will become more apparent right now. Maybe June will be a better month for growing.

I used to live and garden on the coast of northern California and put in one of these French drains.

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Yes a french drain may work. Are you on a hill? If so you may have land slide problems.

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