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Tropical or hardy hibiscus

I purchased a braided hibiscus from home depot and the instructions say to plant outside. After doing a little reading online I'm not so sure it will survive the winter here in New York unless it is a hardy hibiscus. Can someone help me identify it.

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How would we help identify it without a picture?

If you hadn't bought it from a big box store, I would say go back to where you bought it from and ask. However, you can't really trust what they would tell you at HD, because the staff don't know their materials.

Instructions for posting pictures here are in New to Helpful Gardener? under Helpful Tips and Suggestions for New Members.

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Information accompanying the tree should give you a zone number for the plant, even if it is from Home Depot, to give you some idea. If you didn't get that tag, then I'm sure we can help with a picture, as Rainbow said.

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