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A Prairie Home Companion

I LOVE this radio show! My fav thing to do early Sat evening is to open a bottle of wine, turn on the show and cook.
Any fans out there?

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Hi GarlicMaven,
I LOVE the show too. I just saw this post and am surprised that there weren’t more responses. I don’t get a chance to listen regularly, but I do like to put a CD of it on when I’m puttering about. Just listened to an old show the other day—the one with a rendition of “I Did it My Way,â€

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Been a few years since the BBC over here in England ran it ,we were big fans at the time

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No, but I'm a big fan of wine and cooking. I'll be involved in both this evening, as a matter of fact. :D

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It's a hit or miss thing for me. There are times when it is amusing, the musical guests are good to great and some of the skits hit the funny bone. Then there are times I wonder why I'm even listening to it. I think Keeler should leave the singing to his musical guests but I find many of the skits to be funny, even with the cheesy sound effects that are thrown in.

I don't listen to it much while at home but do catch it when in my vehicle on a Saturday afternoon. It was a nice distraction when making the long drives to visit my late father-in-law when he lived in the country.

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