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potted tree emergency!!!!!!

I have, what I am told is, a 'money tree."
Here's a pic:


This plant was growing in a small pot. The plant itself was no more than a foot tall.
So last night the cat knocks it over and breaks the pot, the roots where extremely damaged. It looked like there where hardly any roots left.

I immediately placed it in a large bowel, because I didn't have another pot. As the bowel was bigger than the pot I used some of the old soil and some extra soil from some potted tomato plants. This new soil had a bit of Espoma Organic Garden-Tone mixed in, then watered it only a tiny bit, as the bowel has no drainage holes.

How do I save my poor tree?
It means alot to me please help!

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You have already done nicely. Just get your new pot and plant it as you would any new transplant. The only aditional thing I would suggest are treating it with a liquid root stimulator and installing a stake for a few months to support the plant until it can hold it's own head up. You may even need to apply a tripod type system of stakes since you won't, most likely, require a very deep pot, and a single stake will probably topple as well.

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