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Ants. Everywhere. Possible infestation?

We've always had ants around our property, but lately they seem to be bordering on infestation levels.

We recently built 6 raised beds for gardening and within 2-3 weeks of filling it with dirt, almost all 6 beds are literally overflowing with ants. If you just bump the side of the raised bed, ants start pouring out of every crevice.


We also have mulch around our whole gardening area and they are in there as well.

I haven't seen a single ant bed anywhere. I just see them in our garden beds, in old stumps and then in long lines in random places (around our pool, up the driveway, etc).

It's getting out of hand. We've got a 2.5 year old and a couple of dogs and I'm starting to get paranoid about them being outside because I'm afraid they'll end up inadvertently disturbing the ants and getting bitten.

What can we do to take care of this? I'm not suggesting eradicating them completely (I understand that could be beneficial to an extent), but this is definitely getting out of hand.

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Does sound like it's gotten a bit out of hand and I understand the concern for your toddler. One ant bite isn't usually such a big deal, but getting covered with them could be pretty traumatic for a little one.

Here's a couple threads we've had about dealing with ants:

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