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Plant ID - Perennial


This has fine textured foliage, in full to part sun. Taken in Chattanooga, TN zone 7.

Any suggestions?

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Besides "real pretty"? Uh, no, sorry. BUMP though.

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I'm almost embarrassed to suggest this, but it looks very much like asparagus fern. They do produce flowers like that. They're said to be hardy to zone 5, although most people grow them as house plants. [img]https://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh27/Kisal_photos/dunno.gif[/img]
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That is Amsonia or Blue Star. It is a great plant and is very long lived. Very nice gold fall color too. I bet if you poke around the area you can find a volunteer to transplant, as is seeds well but is not a weedy plant.

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