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Hi, I'm new to the Garden Forum, I'm from just outside Ottawa, Ontario. Had posted a question about pointsettias yesterday but did not get any answers yet. My question was: My poinsettia is still going strong, should I have cut it back by now to give it a rest or can I just keep it going all year?

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Hi Irene,
Just letting you know why you may not have received an answer to your question. The answer is because you haven't yet asked it. :)

Your post count (listed under your name) shows you only have one post. And this is it. So you couldn't have posted your question here already, unless you did it under a different nickname.

I also retitled your post and split if off from the discussion titled INTRODUCTION. This way hopefully someone with an answer will be able to see it and then answer it.

Welcome to our forum. ;)

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